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Image by Vicky Ng
From one
generation to
the next

Graham & Brenda Monk and Richard Mee built the smoking room and refined the best way to cold smoke their whole, premium salmon fillets, making adjustments and gaining experience. They passed the perfected process down a generation to their son, Ben Monk.

The process

Fish are harvested, filleted, cleaned and dried.

Salt is used to draw out further moisture.

Then the fillets go into the smoker room where manuka smoke is piped through continuously for 24-36 hours. The length of time varies based upon fillet length, thickness, and external factors like humidity.


Once completed the fish is cured and can be kept for many weeks.

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Ready to taste it for yourself?

We have a selection of salmon meals to dine in & cabinet food ready to take-away.

(options available for those who prefer no salmon)

Cold Smoked & fresh fillets also available for purchase.

...why not grab some crackers too and enjoy along your journey.


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